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DTH Endurance was started to provide an individual training experience by certified coaches for endurance athletes. Our program is geared toward the athlete who has begun training or has a base but needs support to get to the next level of endurance and needs help to stay on track.

Our athletes also have commitments outside of training--family, work and home. With this in mind we work with our athletes to plan a build up to an event or a season by breaking training down to a daily/weekly structure. Realistic Training for Realistic Goals is what we strive for you. You shouldn't have to stress about a plan during your preparation for the big event.

Because we work with individuals to meet their goals and expectations, we don't have a huge list of athletes at any given time. We will take on 3-6 athletes per coach at any given time during the year. We don't send out cookie cutter plans, because we know things happen during training, and plans need to adjust to accommodate issues. Most importantly, we want the experience to be positive and for any athlete to know at the start line: The work is done; The race is a formality; I will be successful.

Boston Finish Line 2011

So if you have an event you would like to complete and believe you have the motivation to do the work needed then feel free to contact us. We will be happy to sit down and discuss any questions you might have about a distance, a particular event, our coaching style or our mutual expectations.

We want you to cross the Finish Line, let us help you Drop The Hammer!!!

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