After Years Of Fighting It... Social Media

After years of fighting off social media I have taken the first step. Today, best known as “Convenience Store” day (7/11), I have opened our DTH Endurance Twitter Account. A friend told me recently, after he struggled to read my lengthy race recap, if you can’t say it in 140 characters it is too long. Now I know that was tongue in cheek but some truth is said in jest. Not to rant and rave but we have seen a societal change since the onset of cell phones, then the computer/web and now with the smart phones. We used to have to actually talk to someone face to face or write (by hand) a letter to communicate. Now if we type or speak into our phones more than a few sentences people are put off and move on to something else. In this “Now” society what will be next? Have we evolved to a point where we can absorb so much condensed information that it is actually useful?

I sure don’t have the answers but I do have questions. As I dip my toes into this new media I am sure I will learn as I go but I am willing to give it a try. But the question you should ask is how do you feel after sitting with family and friends discussing the world, life or really nothing at all vs. spending the same time reading 2 sentence notes about totally random things?

Remember - All we really have is Memories & Experiences, Make the most of Both!!!